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The Purpose of the Society

The Finnish Society for Environmental Law (FSEL) is the oldest society for environmental law in Scandinavia. The purpose of the society is, ”to enhance and support legal reserch of environmental questions and to develop cooperation of reseachers in environmental sciences and public bodies representing environmental sectors in Finland and internationally”. FSEL is realising its objectives by publishing, issuing statements and arranging seminars.

Board of Society

The Board of Society represents and administrates the society. The Board consists of six ordinary members and their personal vicemembers. The period for the members is two years.


The members are approved by application to the board. The number of active members is 350, of which presently appr. 6% are students. Members of Society are working in public as well as in private sectors. Most of the members are lawyers because of the nature of society, however other members have another scientific background.

Memberships in scientific societies

FSEL is member of the Finnish Delegation of Scientific Societies, the Finnish Publishers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Union and the European Environmental Law Association.


The Journal of Environmental Law (Ympäristöjuridiikka) has been published regularly since 1980. The journal is issued quarterly with an edition of 500 copies. The journal publishes articles (also referee), reviews, information on legal practice etc. and advertisements as agreed.

A table of contents of the journal including summaries is available by clicking the issue number below. Hakemisto contains a complete index to Ympäristöjuridiikka covering the years 1980-2000.

4/2003 2-3/2003 1/2003
3-4/2002 2/2002 1/2002

Hakemisto 1980-2000

FSEL has also publication series to which usually one book is added yearly. This series consists of larger essays or monographs for which Ympäristöjuridiikka would not be a suitable forum. Sometimes also reports from conferences and seminars organised by the FSEL are published here. Publications can be ordered in bookstores or from the society. A complete list of publications and prices is available here.


FSEL arranges usually two regular seminars per year. One of the seminars is held in May and it usually takes places outside the Capital region. This seminar usually includes visits to state and municipal authorities, industrial plants or areas important to nature conservation.
The main event - Autumn Seminar - is arranged in September in Helsinki. This seminar consist of presentations concerning present topics as well as recent and forthcoming trends in environmental law. The Society arranges ad hoc seminars as well.


FSEL gives statements and comments on finnish official legislative projects concerning environmental law.

Contact information

Mails to FSEL are requested to be sent here.